The Professional Looping Software
For Live Music Performance

Created out of the need for exploration and breaking all instrumental borders, LiveLoop offers endless possibilities of music creation for those who wish to combine live electronics with acoustic instruments, synthesizers and music software.

A synthesis between acoustic instruments and music technology, LiveLoop is a multi-faced instrument in a journey of grooves, raw sounds, FX & distortions.


Main Features

 5 different modes of recording

16 looping tracks

Built-In VST’s & Max For Live Devices


Midi Clock and Ableton Link to other devices

Fade In/Out

Built-In FX

LiveLoop is a software for audio recording and playback. Easy & intuitive, users can create a complex performance through multi-layer sounds recorded and played back in real time.

Why LiveLoop

1 button, 1 loop

Intuitive use for live performance

Reduced gear

The use of complex rhythms, such as odd timing (e.g. 29/8)

Smart Quantization

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