Josep Garcés is a multi-instrumentalist performer and composer dedicated to the art of live looping.

Josep’s audio-visual performances can be described as a mix between classical, contemporary jazz, techno and music technology, in which acoustic instruments such as the clarinet, bass clarinet, and tenor saxophone are mixed with live electronics and synthesizers.

His compositions and performances are an invitation to reflect upon humanity, upon human consequences on Earth, and upon empathy towards other living animal species. ‘Please don’t eat my friends’, one of such compositions, is built on multiple live loops, using the clarinet as the main source of sound. Through the particular use of FX in this piece, the sound travels to different timbre distortions.

Part of his audio-visual exploration, Josep presents ‘Copelandia’, a journey into hemispherical perceptions, the convex of maturity, trans- lucent horizons, and humans as universal specimens. Copelandia presents the composer’s universal and visionary exploration of the mind, as the source of all creative matter. An original composition driven by a continuous heartbeat, expanded into an eclectic mix of visuals which evolve from a tetrahedron, the measurement unit of perception.

All of Josep’s live performances are built in LiveLoop – the profession- al looping software, he has created as a synthesis between acoustic instruments and music technology. LiveLoop is Josep’s multi-faceted instrument in a journey of grooves, raw sounds, FX & distortions.

Josep has studied classical and jazz clarinet and saxophone in Spain, and holds master degree in Music Live Electronics from the Conservatory of Amsterdam.