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Connect and play with your friends over the internet through LiveLoop’s new Live Jam feature.


How it works:

Create a room with a password and invite your friends to join. They can access the room by using the same password. 

To receive MIDI data add an instrument plugin and choose your friend’s name as MIDI input. This will allow your friends to play your plugins in real time with minimum latency. 

To receive audio data choose your friend’s name as channel input.

A room supports up to 16 people. Use the integrated network chat to communicate with the other participants. 


To send MIDI information through the network create a MIDI loop and send/route it to your friend’s name. What you/they can do:

  • Send MIDI loops through the Live Jam network and play with your friends.
  • Send MIDI loops to analogue synths, audio interfaces with MIDI I/O, etc.


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