The Professional Looping Software For Live Music Performance

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LiveLoop is an intuitive & customisable professional looping software for live music performance, introducing new creative ways of composing and experimenting with sound.

A synthesis between acoustic instruments and music technology, LiveLoop is a multi-faceted instrument in a journey of grooves, raw sounds, FX & distortions.

LiveLoop empowers professional and beginner musicians to compose with maximum creativity.

Created for live performances and studio recordings.

Main features

  • 1 button1 loop: record, stop, play and clear, all in 1 button
  • 16 Tracks: A unique 16 tracks recording feature
  • Overdub: add more layers to each independent track
  • 5 Modes: easy switch between five different modes of recording on each track – Sync, Free, Beat Quantized, One Click, Freeze
  • Multi-channel loops: send each loop to a different speaker and create a multidimensional sound effect
  • Fade IN/OUT: start and stop gradually in volume & pre-set the desired lengths of each track’s fade in and fade out
  • Loop the Loop: create new loops from live recordings & add extra FX – a new and very creative way of experimenting with sounds
  • Time recognition & Smart quantizationthrough a built-in metronome
  • Time signature: choose, play & synchronise any time signatures (including odd time signatures), without any limitations
  • Plug In devices: 60 external built-in VST’s & Max for Live Devices to be used as instruments or FX. Create your own Max for Live Plug-In to use in LiveLoop
  • Synchronised software & hardware with Ableton Link & Midi Clock
  • Session recording: recording your songs has never been easier
  • Midi Mapping: plug your favourite midi controller and map your buttons and knobs in a very easy and intuitive way.

With LiveLoop, users can create professional audio recordings, build a complex live performance through multi-layer sounds recorded and played back in real time.

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