The Professional Looping Software For Live Music Performance

LiveLoop is a software for beginning and professional looping artist.

Intuitive & customisable professional looping for live music performance, introducing new creative ways of composing and experimenting with sound.

With LiveLoop, you can create professional live performances and recordings, all with one versatile interface. Loop multi-layered sounds and complex rhythms in real-time, quantized to the beat with a unique sync mode.

LiveLoop Pro comes with a complex set of features, FX, and plug-ins support such as VST and M4L.

A synthesis between hardware and digital music technology, LiveLoop is a multi-faceted instrument, empowering professional and beginner musicians to compose, perform, and record music with maximum creativity.

Main features

  • 16 Tracks: A unique 16 tracks recording feature and infinite loop layer possibilities
  • 1 button, 1 loop: record, stop, play and clear, all in 1 button
  • Overdub: Add more layers to each independent track
  • 6 Loop Modes: Discover 6 different ways to loop. e.g. start your loop in sync to the former, off beat, quantized to the beat, freeze drone sounds or hold down for recording length
  • Various Looping Behaviours e.g.:
    • Automatic BPM Recognition
    • Automatic Loop to Beat Quantization or Offbeat
    • Preset Loop Length or Freestyle
  • Handsfree Looping: Trigger the Loop by the audio signal and leave your hands and feets free (Y)
  • Midi Mapping: plug your favourite midi controller and map your buttons and knobs in a very easy and intuitive way.
  • Upload your own audio: Upload your own files and built your session from there
  • Isorhythmic quantization: Create polyrhythms with loops quantized to the beat
  • Everything in Sync:
    • sync with Ableton Live
    • sync with your external instruments/devices
    • integrate and sync with your plug-in devices
  • Fade IN/OUT: Start/stop gradually in volume and pre-set the desired lengths of each track’s fade in/out
  • Loop-the-Loop: Create literally as many loops as you want
  • Effects: Create your own sound by connecting your own effects and VSTs with limitless routing options
  • External Instruments: Connect your audio external devices
  • Plug-In devices: Use all your VST and M4L Plug-ins 60 external built-in VST’s & M4L devices to be used as instruments or FX. Create your own M4L plug-ins to use in LiveLoop.
  • Multi-Channel Loops: Send each loop to a different speaker and create a multidimensional sound effect
  • And much more


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